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Before and After

D70_3353Have you ever asked yourself  “What have I done in the last year? two years? three years?” It is a tough question. One that floats through my mind quite regularly. How about you?

I am adding a short time  lapse video on the physical changes happening in Guizaros with the community centre.  Seeing the Before and comparing it with the After gives a great feeling.

I am walking (and learning) through the concept of “how I measure up”.  It seems that as I walk through life, living through my relationship with Jesus, I continually have to re-learn that it is not the result or end goal that matters. It is the fact and miracle that God loves me for who I am and who I am growing to be. My focus is not on the goal but what happens “in process” as I invest my heart and soul in an on-going, living relationship with a living God that already loves me for who I am. To often what happens (it’s human nature)  is that we  measure our relationships with goals and measuring sticks.  We compare. God wants us to just be …… getting to know Him more, relying on Him more, believing in Him more through what He has done and loving Him more because of it all. All the important things of having a growing, intimate relationship.

God has, is doing, and will be doing some amazing things in the community of Guizaros. Take a look at some of the physical changes that many of you have been part of. God is using you too.

Guizaros Time Lapse

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