It is not Performance-Based

That Time of Year

Every May and June is the time we review our past year and the objectives we set and begin to formulate our 3-5 main objectives for the upcoming year. We follow the maxim that goals/objectives need to be  S.M.A.R.T. –S (Specific); M (Measurable); A (Achievable); R (Results-orien1780843_10152302577483674_1264624661_nted); and T (Time bound).  It is a period of thinking back to evidence of God’s goodness and thinking forward and planning based on being still to hear God giving direction.  A continued lesson that I have to face is putting the saying of this picture into perspective.  It’s amazing how the pressure of “doing things for the sake of doing things” lessens and and then disappears when one understand this.

I look at what has been accomplished, the lives that have been eternally changed and the positive shift that has occurred in several leaders as they are adjusting to “sustainability”  in their planning and decision-making abilities.  I compare this to those negative thoughts that we all have when we are evaluating past actions and I soon realise how God continues to work despite what we think, and even what we do!

Working in areas of compassion and justice and mercy does not work well with being time oriented. But if one values relationship building and time spent with people, God does some really  cool things.

And we are living proof that it’s not God using us but using people and partners that He directed  to build amazing capacity to do more than we thought could be done.  We are losing control. What a good feeling!

Slowly but surely, we are learning the cultural intricacies and the leadership principles that need to be presented and and the timing in which they are being presented.

Old CentreFor example, comparing the ministry center of Guizaros to 3 years ago, is like comparing apples to oranges. The physical changes has allowed a greater reach into the local community. And if you talk people and leaders and relationships, this is where the real change has occurred. Leaders are now taking the leadership role and are D70_3785incorporating sustainable programming principles ,  initiating great outreach activities. The  forward momentum has encouraged local groups to be part of what is happening. This is a life-giving sign for us to see.

There is so much we could share.  Our rural project in La Lidia has 22 Car accidentpeople in line to be baptised at the local church. I am not even referring to the agricultural initiatives or the results of the car accident that almost claimed several lives.  So many God stories.

Sketchup1The Canadian National Women’s project of building a medical clinic and women’s shelter in the Copper Canyon is progressing. Funds are coming in. Once we have $30,000 in hand, we will start. Our goal is a minimum of $150,000.

There are many Alliance international workers in difficult places all over the world. They all have God stories. Please support all of us by giving to the GAF fund or Global Advance Fund. We also have separate accounts for the various projects we are part of and details can be found in our Compassion Catalogue.




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