Day of the Child

D70_4088Throughout Latin America, September is full of celebrations including celebrating children. Not only celebrating children but it is a time to stand up for children and their basic rights to life.  God’s Word is so clear on what is expected of us with the fatherless, the widow, the needy and the children. Last Saturday, we were able to celebrate with over a 100 children in Guizaros. Many of these kids were new to me even though we have spent alot time in this community over the last 4 years. I see the older kids now every once in a while, trying to make their way in life. Life in Guizaros is tough. They are just trying to survive in a life of little hope and being pulled into a life of constant survival. But there are bright lights where a couple of the teens are in process of starting D70_4094to make inroads with the kids they grew up with. They want to see lives transformed through the love of Jesus. Pray for them as they step out of their comfort zone.  We have two other celebrations this week.


Haiti – When is a Christian & Missionary (C&MA) church not a C&MA church but is called a C&MA church? In Haiti. Over the last several years, church planters (with a C&MA) background started several churches in Haiti. These churches needed a name to identify with so they called themselves C&MA. Well, Canada C&MA stepped up and were leaders in bringing these churches official status within the the C&MA churches world wide last September. Remember theD70_3927.NEF._recovered_from_preview_ earthquake and how C&MA churches across Canada rose to the challenge and raised over a million $$$ in relief?  The last of this money is being used in the continued rebuilding of the country and focusing on these “brand new” C&MA churches that were badly damaged or destroyed in the earthquake. Pray for this on-going work. There are so many details to be overcome and so many decisions to be made by the C&MA Haiti leaders that it can be overwhelming.

UntitledThis fall (end of October), we will be hosting a 3 day workshop on Village Savings and Loans (VSL)  for the church leaders in Costa Rica.  The purpose is to “Train the Trainer“. There are nearly a billion of the World’s poor who make less than $1.25 a day. Most are illiterate or marginally literate. Traditional microfinance and regular banking practices and loans are often inaccessible to them. VSL is just one way to help them save and borrow against their own money to achieve their own goals. I am looking forward with extreme interest to see how God is going to use and multiply this workshop and many more in the future. Pray for the preparations  as we confirm location, a translator and a myriad of other details.

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