Once You Plant Green Spaces…

Can you imagine! Less than 2 years ago, when the little church out in La Lidia was holding 3 services/week, it was averaging 6 people. Six! Less than a month ago, they peaked at one service at 100 people. D70_5480-2 Every Sunday, a children’s program has 100-150 kids come. For many, this is their only nutritional meal of the week. More kids would come if there was available transportation!  A Bible study has been started for those parents that just used to wait around and hope they got fed too.  Now, 4 or 5 people from this community travel into Guizaros (in San Jose) to help provide leadership as the ministry there undergoes a restart. The daily feeding program is growing as well as the women’s ministry. In fact, the comedor in Guizaros has needed to hire a part time cleaner to ensure that the general cleanliess including food prep areas are promoting good health. As Linda and I have come along our leadership team members with training and direction in both communities, this has allowed our leaders to follow what God has laid on their hearts to do. This means transformationally changing the community. Through their actions of faith, their personal relationships and vision, God is working.

D70_5445-2Along with with people growth, infrastructure has to grow too. In La Lidia, a team from University Drive Alliance from Lethbridge, Alberta, built a structure where the activities in La Lidia could still happen and not depend on dry weather (difficult in this area).  One of the community transformers has had his house rebuilt by members and donations from the community. Any strong wind would have blown it over! The church has a new roof replacing one that was rotting and full of holes. In Guizaros, some landscaping has been done to assist with water drainage and a wall has been started in the classroom building  to establish a permanent room to teach sewing. New bathrooms have been added. And most noticeable, a little sod

Hisilicon K3

was laid and flowers have been planted. Most of the kids thought the grass was artificial as one day there was nothing, the next there was green grass!

I read on FB comment on day that said, once you plant green spaces, you are planting for the future. And that is what is happening.

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