Antigua, Guatemala

Guatemala to Columbia

Linda and Cecilia with the police

It’s been a busy fall and God has been very faithful (no surprise there). We took Cecilia (from Costa Rica) up to El Salvador to meet with other like-minded leaders who work very hard in their communities with their own ministries. She fit right in and it was great for her to know that she is part of a larger network of Christ-followers who want to change their own community for the better.  One of the six police officers guarding us during the meetings was baptized! Nicaragua was a great time meeting with C&MA pastors from all over Central America. This meeting was extra-special as 5 Alliance churches from Peru partnered with 5 churches in Central America to help with leadership development and training of pastors. It is so encouraging to see strong national churches coming along side their weaker brothers.

Bird feathers from a Mayan witch doctor stuck to the cross

In Guatemala, I joined a mission team from Stony Plain Alliance for 5 days up in TacTic. This was a great time for me getting to know some of the people from Stony Plain. I got to see missions through their eyes and it made me see things in a brand new way. I also got to see this ministry that several Alliance churches support. I spent time with the leadership and made an evaluation for future possibilities. This area had a weird mix of Catholicism and Mayan god worship.  Afterwards I took a bus in Guatemala City where I spent time with Pastor Merari of Iglesia Galilea. I also sat in a workshop for pastors that presented some ministry perspectives from the book When Helping Hurts. I really enjoyed sitting down with Merari and dreaming of future opportunities. We talked about some leadership development of pastors in the area of community development and how we could come along side the community initiatives they have started.

The barrio I visited filled with the poor and disenfranchised.

Columbia was another 9 day trip. The first 5 days was South American C&MA Leaders/Mission conference. After talking with many pastors from Columbia, I was convinced that Columbia’s need for church training in initiatives of community development is vital. This was strengthened when I spent the next 4 days in Bogotá with the jefe of one of the largest community and development banks in the country. It grew out of the need in Alliance churches and now serves1300 people in small business loans and small business training. I visited a couple of the projects up in a barrio overlooking the city. It was the highlight of my trip as I met another “person of peace”. Someone who has a love of Christ for their community and is doing unbelievable things with being the “hands and feet of Jesus” to the poor. And through this, the Gospel is being shared. Her name is Lucy and she has the same heart as Cecilia. Wow!

Have you ever heard of the Leadership Matter Course? Hands down, it is THE best leadership development course I have been part of and its coming to Canada (Alberta) in the spring of 2014. It is filled with extremely practical and hands on learning that cements your leadership abilities into practice. Linda and I spent 12 straight days with 25 other learners here in CR. The trainers come from all over the world. An Amazing time.

Visited a maternity ward where 2 babies less than 2 hours old
were abandoned

December is fast approaching and for most, that means busyness too. We will be part of sharing Christmas with needy children from several communities. Jordan is able to come for a month and he will be a big part of this. Pray for these opportunities to share Christ with the kids and their parents. This weekend, we will be going to a baptism of a couple jail inmates. Very exciting to see them choose to express their relationship in Jesus this way. Also pray as we continue to work with the pastors from Sarapiqui in the use of resources and how to add a component of sustainability to their community outreach. Briana and her boy (Paul) will be coming down Boxing day so we will have the whole family together. We welcome Brem and Donna Frentz as the new VP of Global ministry (our bosses). Thank you for your continued support. We rely on you for partnering with us prayerfully and financially. If any of you want Linda’s weekly prayer letter, drop her a line at
PS There will be a new website coming out where we will have a blog. Coming soon!