Reaching to the Sky

Plans CAN Change!

Food store just across the central valley from us

My plan was to write an update this morning but my lead-in has now changed. A 7.6 earthquake happened about 1 hour ago about 120 km. west of us and at a depth of 20km (very shallow). I have heard reports of cars bouncing (on their tires), buildings creaking and groaning and trees down. Communication lines are down due to the excessive use of the phone lines so there are no reports from Sámara (western Costa Rica) where the epicentre was. Pray for the people in the area. I was driving down our valley at the time and did not feel it though I saw many people out on the street. One person motioned for me to slow down and I was trying to figure out why. Now I know. Linda heard the whoosh of the sound that a earthquake makes as it came down our valley. She said the ground was rolling for about 30 seconds. I am waiting to hear from some partner organizations about the need for a direct response.


There is always an adventure. We have several more on the immediate horizon. One of our corner stones in our community development philosophy is called CHE (Community Health Evangelism). Our focus over the next year is with the continued development of a leadership network. Linda and I leave for a regional meeting of CHE leaders in El Salavador on Friday for 5 days. We are taking Cecilia, a local who has tremendous potential with us to introduce her to like-minded people. It will be her first time in a plane. You may have remembered me talking about her previously. She has a huge love for God and a huge desire to impact communities around her through feeding programs/VBS programs for kids and starting women groups that study the Bible. Pray for Linda and I as this is totally in Spanish with no opportunity for English. I have been asked for a 20 min presentation. Wow! Pray for a deepening relationship and future ministry focus with Cecilia.

We are back a few days and then I am off to Nicaragua for the annual Alliance pastor’s retreat for Central America. Linda is staying home to man the fort. We are traveling by bus up to Managua. Another adventure but I am looking forward to spending some time with the guys and getting to know them better. There are 22  of us. Thankfully it’s not a “chicken” bus.

Playing with the kids in Guatemala

Days later, the adventure continues as I travel to Guatemala. Linda will be staying behind to be a “Mom” for the Derksen girls as the parent are in another country.  There are several Canadian Alliance churches who have partnered with Impact Ministries in Tactic, Guatemala. Impact focuses on working with the Mayan population and having an impact on the poor and uneducated. I will join Stony Plain Alliance for several days before taking a bus down to Guatemala City to meet with local Alliance pastors that I am praying that doors will open where we can partner with them and empower them in some of their local community development initiatives.

Columbia is next as I travel to meet with Latino Alliance leaders for several days. Afterwards, I have been invited to travel north of Bogota through the mountains to visit churches where the national Alliance church has been part of an organization that provides micro-loans to the poor. I am looking forward to learning from their experience and seeing how God has used this valuable community development tool in so many ways.

Drug Rehab homes for a 1 year stay

Thank you for your continued support through prayer and giving.  If you want to be part of Linda’s prayer letter, contact her at There is always a need for financial help. One Alliance church donated a sum that is directed to helping a local CR church with their community development focus in working with a drug rehab program. We have many ways that you can help. Ask!