How was your Christmas?

Christmas 2010 has come and gone but we look back at it with many memories. What are your memories? We celebrated Jesus’s birth and the reason for our faith with friends and families. We were able to go to my sister’s (Kim) home in Kansas and and spend time with Jordan and Briana, my parents and the Enn’s. Being able to do things with our kids was a highlight – shopping, playing games, having communion together on Christmas Eve and just relaxing with family. We had to fly into Dallas so we spent a few days with friends; Dan was our best man in our wedding. By the way, Linda and I just celebrated 23 years of being together! Not only was Dan’s family amazing, they made us feel totally at home. Dan (a MK from Venezuela) and Leann have a generosity that knows no boundaries. His family made us feel special as we re-entered back into the North American culture. Linda and I were introduced to a new hobby that is pretty normal for many Texans. We got to shoot guns, lots of guns and I loved it. Linda had her own style when it came to handling a pistol.

With being back in the Alberta area for this April, May and June, our next 3 months in Costa Rica are jam-packed. All of our activities of Jan-Mar are prayer requests for you to uphold us with. Our next three months of ministry development are the most important to-date as we begin to paint in most of the details of the picture that we have been drawing for the last 15 months. We begin with a new home. We get to move from our 3 room house to a 3 bedroom house later on in Jan. That’s an answer to prayer. Also sometime this month, we will be spending some time, either in Mexico, Nicaragua or Guatemala (depending on some details) visiting some communities that are in process of being changed and transformed through the efforts of using CHE principles. This will be a major aspect of our ministry as we use disaster reduction and the local Alliance churches to see whole communities experiencing the love of God and changing physically and spiritually. Also in January, we have Joanne Beach, the Director of Alliance, Justice and Compassion (C&MA) coming to visit for meetings. For 3 weeks in Feb and Mar, Linda and I will be in Nicaragua with an Alliance Men’s work team serving as translators. In March, not only will we have to close up our house to be gone for 3 months, we will also have Jim Foster visiting Costa Rica. We will also meeting up with an Alliance missionary couple from Cuba  to compare notes.
If you hear of any houses that need to be house-sat in the Calgary/High River area  during Apr – June let us know. We are also looking for the use of a car for those three months. Let us know if you hear of anything. The last prayer request is for the planning of the 3 months in Alberta as we look for opportunities to share in churches and the building of our database for disaster responders.

Throw in continued language training and growing with a Spanish culture, these next 3 months will fly by. Heavy on our hearts is the fund raising for our ministry vehicle. We need to raise almost $12,000 by June. If you feel led, you can direct giving to the Doell Vehicle Fund through any Alliance church (and receive a charitable tax receipt). General giving to the Global Advance Fund which covers the needs of overseas Alliance ministries all over the world was up in December for which all of us missionaries are very thankful for as this covers our basic requirements.

Thank you for your continued encouragement. The many Christmas cards we received were a huge blessing. Just knowing and hearing of those who encourage us prayerfully is amazing for us.