Winter in Canada

Back in the Saddle

What can happen in 4 months? More than we can pass on to you in one blog in any detail.  In a nutshell, we began the framework for a quasi agricultural cooperative in La Lidia, Costa Rica using the concept of small greenhouses that will couple with small group Bible training in basic growing and business initiatives. The development of the community centre in Guizaros, Costa Rica continued with the laying of cement for a back patio (terraza) including a  20m retention wall and the building was painted. Also, almost 850 children from 4 poor communities were part of the Christmas celebration receiving a present, food and enjoying games. In Mexico, the medical clinic/women’s shelter was chosen as the National Women’s project for the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) of Canada. An engineer has drawn up preliminary plans with building to start in 2014, God-willing.

And we spent 3 months in cold, snowy Canada (High River, Alberta) for our home assignment that occurs every 2 years. Not only did we spend time building and strengthening our relationships with several southern Alberta C&MA churches, we were able to come alongside High River Alliance church and help with the process of church and community  renewal after the June flood; the flood that was the 3rd highest damaging disaster in North America after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. I can’t forget that we lived only 15 minutes from our kids and we were able to spend alot of quality time with them. Oh ya, and I turned 50 and we had our 26th wedding anniversary. Great milestones to see how God has worked in us and through us.

What’s happening in the next 4 months? Well, you will be better informed with monthly updates now that we are getting back in rhythm. There is a work teams from Brooks, Alberta coming in a week to construct a bathroom and classrooms for the community centre in Guizaros. Then a several weeks later, Lethbridge Alliance is sending 6 leaders to see what is happening and how they can fit into our community development ministry. More news to come!

Check out the new catalogue that not only details our development projects and how you can support us but the many projects that are occurring world-wide with the C&MA. Thanks to all for your financial support of Global Advance giving, the support that keeps all international workers in the field doing what God has directed us to do.


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