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What Can You Do

There are so many ways for you to come alongside. We are working hard to establish relationships or partners with individuals and churches in Canada. Usually, there are 2 types of relationships… donors (one-way) and partners (2 way super highway). We want super highway partners. We enjoy 2 way interaction much more than one way. And lots of it. This means clear accountability with involvement in time, money and prayer support for each other.

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We hope that as you become involved in what we do, this understanding of what you can do translates into how you view the local community around you and your area. What can you do to change a life? It’s very straightforward.


  • Linda sends out a prayer update called Poppin’ in for Prayer. If you want to receive our prayer needs & you want to be prayed for, email Linda.
  • Many people in Canada holiday in Costa Rica. If you come, please contact us. We can assist you in many ways.
  • Is your Alliance church or group looking at visiting Latin America for a short term trip, we can point you in the right direction.
  • We are involved in a variety of projects and endeavours to physically help the poor. You can receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation. There are separate accounts to focus your desire.  Talk to us. We are involved with projects in several Spanish-speaking countries.
  • In general, you can support the world-wide team of international Alliance workers and their general living needs by giving to the Global Advance Fund.


Haiti_480 copyYou, are part of our toolbox. As mentioned before, we are building the tools in our toolbox to do life and ministry with.  We rely on the strength of “team”. The number one tool is prayer. You pray for us and we pray for you. Very simple concept. Support with finances is also an important aspect. Like all C&MA International Workers, we rely on financial donations to support our endeavours in other countries. By your giving to the “Global Advance Fund” or the GAF , you assist all International Workers throughout the world with their basic living costs. Each International Worker is responsible for the finances of their individual ministries. You can focus your donations to the project you feel led to support. Money can be given to “Approved Specials”. Because Linda and I are regional workers, we have different Approved Special accounts for different ministry focuses. To give, all you have to do is designate which Approved Special you want to give to. Tax-deductible receipts are provided.



Approved specials provide the means to direct your financial gifts to a specific people group, ministry project or country. These special designations will differ depending on the ministry focus of the individual International worker. Here are our  APS’s. They do not cover all of our projects but remember, if needed, we can introduce a new APS if it is deemed appropriate.

 1. CDRT or Community Development Readiness Team 

This APS focuses on the needs surrounding the development of trained, culturally-relevant leaders in the Sun Region. The vision is through the local Alliance church, develop a international network of trained leaders and trainers within the community transformational principles of CHE.

2. SunCompassion – Costa Rica

This APS focus on addressing the direct physical needs of the poor and disenfranchised in Costa Rica. This can include  children’s school supplies and uniforms, VBS, sewing machines and material, micro-business loans, Bibles, Children’s Christmas fiestas, support for drug rehab to name a few areas.

3. Tarahumara

This APS covers the support of our ministry projects with the indigenous group, the Tarahumara, in the Copper Canyon area of northern Mexico. This is the APS that is designated to receive the donations toward the building of the women’s shelter/medical clinic in Guacayvo.

To give securely online go to


1. Choose on line giving
2. Fill the form out. Under Donation Allocation, choose Caribbean Sun – General
3. The form will refresh, then under designation – choose the APS you want to give to

Who We Are

TH_507Curtis and Linda are international workers with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. We are regional leaders of a compassion oriented work in the Central/South America, Caribbean and Mexico. We are currently based in Salitral de Santa Ana, Costa Rica. We call our ministry SunCompassion.

We are part of the ministry movement of Justice and Compassion for the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Our Canadian base is in the Calgary area. Our two children (Jordan and Briana) are living, working and going to school there. We are members of the High River Alliance Church. In High River, Curtis worked as a fire fighter, a youth pastor at HRBC, and at the public high school as a counselor. Linda was a lifeguard/instructor as well as several years at Ambrose University College in administrative support.

We completed Spanish language school at ILE located in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2009. Prior to arriving in San Jose,  Costa Rica, Linda and Curtis were located in Quito, Ecuador with the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada at the Alliance International Academy.

If you are a social media user, you can connect with us on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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