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Personal Mission Statement

I exist to glorify God and be a man of faith; to live and role model what it means to be a follower of Jesus to my kids, wife, friends and the world.

I want to encourage those around me to be sensitive to the visible and the invisible needs of people and see them as God sees them.

I want to live a legacy; a life of not succumbing to the ordinary but living the extra-ordinary in a God-honoring lifestyle.


Core Value Statements

I value Godly character; therefore I will strive to be attentive to the Holy Spirit and be a man after God’s own heart being a role model to those around me.

I value faithful adventure and risk; therefore I will not succumb to the ordinary but will live the extra-ordinary in a God-honoring manner.

I value a humble and teachable spirit; therefore I will seek after God and submit to His leading.

I value optimism; therefore I recognize the need to live “what God can do” vs. “what God cannot do”.

I value development of people; therefore I will endeavour to identify, equip and serve those around me so they can role model the same.


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a ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada celebrating God working through Justice and Compassion