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Personal Mission Statement

I exist to bring delight to my Father. Therefore, my mission in life is to come alongside individuals; to nuture, discern, counsel and build into their lives.

I desire to bring balance, joy and health by encouraging others with truth, knowledge and wisdom in Christ-like love.

Core Value Statements

I value my spouse and family; therefore I will nuture their hearts and minds with my love for them.

I value Joy and Light; therefore I will strive to live above my circumstances to reflect a spirit of Christ.

I value transparency and a humble spirit; therefore I aim for an attitude of teachability and openness.

I value communication and love; therefore I will intentionally try and discover how to express my affection to meet other’s needs.

I value a balanced lifestyle; therefore I will commit to disciplining my life towards a healthy Life Plan.

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a ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada celebrating God working through Justice and Compassion