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What We Do

Our Vision

TH_539Our vision is to enable a leadership network in this region facilitating local (Spanish & Canadian) Alliance churches to initiate community transformation through initiatives of community development. In other words, to be “the hands and feet of Jesus”. This has many looks depending on the local needs. This may be through disaster response or direct leadership development with pastors and leaders in CHE or emergency food aid or livelihood initiatives. Our response capacity is increased through the local and international partnerships we are part of.  The C&MA in Canada has developed the Justice & Compassion Gift Catalogue showcasing needs from all over the world including ours.

When Linda and I started in this ministry focusing on Justice & Compassion using community development initiatives to enable local Alliance churches to reach their communities with the Gospel, we were told we were pioneers. Many International Workers (IW’s) and other NGO’s were doing parts and pieces, but there wasn’t a larger holistic approach. Through this growth process and the learning curve, we have realized how fluid this approach is. We are very thankful for this fluidity, as we need to live “faith in action” as we move forward.

Our ToolBox

CHE El Salvador

The basis of the training program is called (CHE) Community Health Evangelism. CHE is a true best practices model for integrating evangelism and discipleship with community based development. The first programs were done in Africa in the 1980’s. CHE was then taken to other parts of the world where it proved adaptable to a wide-range of situations. Today, CHE is used around the world by churches, denominations, mission agencies, NGO’s, and national and local governments to lift whole communities out of cycles of poverty and disease.

We are continually exploring the niche that allows us to experience God’s direction in enabling Christ’s love to be shared through responding to the physical and spiritual needs of the disenfranchised. This niche involves building partnerships with individuals, organizations and national churches so that efforts result in  sustainable answers and not doubling up on the costs of time and finances. We desire to partner with other like-minded organizations to increase operational capacity so that the resources that God has provided will be used effectively and timely. Our primary component of facilitating a sustainable answer to the existing issues in the Sun Region (Latin America) is leadership development. Strengthening an existing network of C&MA churches through Latin America providing opportunities to live and share the love of Jesus Christ. Hearts are opened to the love of Christ as physical needs from crisis and localized problems are addressed.


Where do we Work? 


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a ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada celebrating God working through Justice and Compassion